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Cannon Veterinary Services Ltd.

Welcomes You to Our Online Pharmacy


            Cannon Veterinary Services understands the economic challenges of today, and how busy your life may be.  We are sensitive to your desire to limit healthcare costs and we recognize your commitment to maintain the same level of care for your horses and pets maximum quality of life.

            We are excited to announce the addition of our online store, pharmacy and home delivery program. It allows clients to view our extensive line of pharmaceuticals, refill prescriptions, order pet foods, medications and much more!

            Our CVS goal is to treat patients as if they were our own, and provide them with the best health care possible. Unlike competitive online pet pharmacies, we take pride in knowing your animal’s history.  We guarantee that the products shipped to your doorstep, are from approved pharmaceutical companies.  This ensures that the products are of the highest quality, and have been stored and handled in an appropriate manner.


Simplify your life!   For your convenience have it delivered!


On our homepage, click “Home Delivery” located at the lower left hand corner. You may also click the “Online Store” “Home Delivery”, located at the upper right hand corner. You will find many medications or products available at CVS, as well as hundreds of other products that we do not consistently stock. 

To save time, utilize the “product search“engine. Enter a product name, and you will immediately be directed to the desired product with a detailed description and price. You may also browse by product categories, located on the left side of your screen. Add the products of your choice to your shopping cart. Complete your order, click “check-out” and choose the desired shipping mode.  Then click “sign up for an account” and complete the account registration information. The next step is to enter your credit card information.  Once you have finalized your order, your prescription will be reviewed by Dr. Winter.  At that time you will receive an email notifying you that your request has been approved or an explanation of why it cannot be approved.  Once your order is shipped, you will receive a second email with confirmation including a tracking number. 


The CVS Pharmacy Is Better Than Other Online Pharmacies

Because We Care!!

Our goal is to provide you with the best products and service possible!


  • Experience the convenience of ordering from our CVS website.

      Order from your home-- any day of the week and any time of the day.

      Your order will be shipped directly to your home, stable, or show location.


  • We have carefully compared our prices to other internet sites and catalog pharmacies. In addition to competitive prices, we offer compassion, Dr. Winter’s knowledge, continuity of health care, product quality, manufacturers support and warranties, and delivered directly to your home.


  • Purchasing medications from our site, allows us to monitor purchases, so you will receive the appropriate product and correct dosage. 

      It also allows us to maintain accurate records for your horses and pets.


  • Prescriptions dispensed from our pharmacy have been approved, manufactured, and packaged according to US Government regulations.


  • According to the FDA specifications, the products are safely stored and transported.


  • The CVS on line pharmacy will provide prescriptions, pharmaceuticals, and diets that are as safe and effective as if they were purchased directly from our in house pharmacy.


  • Don’t worry about where they are compounded or purchased because the prescriptions are shipped directly from the pharmaceutical companies.


  • Clients are encouraged to utilize our customized reminder program, auto ship or auto refill of prescriptions.


  • Manufacturer’s coupons or rebates are available through Veterinarians and authorized retailers only.


  • Manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee of product integrity and efficacy are available through Veterinarians and authorized retailers only.



Disadvantages of ordering from On Line Pharmacies


  • In spite of what Veterinarians authorize for prescriptions, dosage, and instructions, they have no knowledge or control over the products and instruction labels that are dispensed from unauthorized internet sites and catalog pharmacies.


  • When purchased from Veterinarians, most manufacturers guarantee their products. If purchased from internet or catalog pharmacies, the guarantees may not apply. If you experience a problem with a product from an unauthorized site, the consumer must negotiate a settlement directly with them.


  • Many internet or catalog pharmacies dispense medications which are purchased improperly and imported from other countries “unknown sources” and may be illegal to use within our country. Product ingredients or strength may differ from our products manufactured within the United States.


  • Many internet or catalog pharmacies cannot provide documentation proving where their medications came from, or how they were stored prior to shipping them to consumers.


  • Some internet or catalog pharmacies have not undergone the necessary accreditation to offer guarantees.


  • Many internet or catalog pharmacies can offer discounted prices for prescriptions -- but they may not guarantee product safety.

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